Stock monarchy

Would you like to play a trial game on the Tabletopia?

If you would like to try Stock Monarchy before you buy it, you can use the Tabletopia board game simulator.

On Tabletopia you can play Stock Monarchy for free (the site only requires registration).

To create a virtual room in which to play Stock Monarchy use the button at the bottom of the page. Then remember, once you have created the room, to tell your friends the code to join you.


On Tabletopia it is not possible to play Stock Monarchy to its full potential because on the simulator it will not be possible to change the game map. In addition, only 2 fixed setups are available: a 2-player setup and a 3-player setup. Finally, it will not be possible to conduct the auction for the starting territory since the realm-edges are already in place. Net of these limitations, however, you will surely be able to get an idea of the game’s immense potential and its exciting game-flow.


The game is pre-set up to play the Full Version, but if you want to try the Medium or Light Version you only need to remove all the Know-How token from the Island. After removing them hand over 4 of each of the 3 technologies to each player (advanced Know-How token will not be used) also you will have to rotate all the technology dice on level 2.

If you want to play the Light Version, you must also remove the spies from the game.


Apples and Nuggets on the Hills have already been randomly placed, but if you wish to customize their arrangement, you will find in a corner of the table the die-hill and 2 black bags containing additional apples and nuggets


In the board game, players’ screens are used to hide and store Mattok, Know-How token, and money. On Tabletopia, on the other hand, Mattok, Know-How token, and money must be placed in the rectangular “Hidden area.”

When you want to show everyone the Gilty you have accumulated at the end of the game, all you have to do is select that rectangle and press F.

In the board game, at the beginning of each turn, Mattok and Gilty are played under the Mattok-Gilty cover. On Tabletopia you must use the rectangular playing surface with your noble crest.

Specifically you have to select the coat of arms and press F on the keyboard, thus the Palyer-Aid of War will appear. When the Player-Aid of War is visible everything placed by the hand on this area will be invisible to other players. Then place the desired Mattok and Gilty on this area.

When everyone is ready select the rectangular war aid area and press F, the noble coat of arms will reappear and everyone will be able to see your Mattoks and Gilty.

Note: when you have to play the command card it should be selected from your hand, but before placing it on the table you should press F to turn it to the spy side.

Alternatively, you can place it on the hidden area and rotate it only after placing it there.

In the board game to roll the war dice you have to use the cup. On Tabletopia one must use the noble coat of arms area.

Specifically you have to place the correct number of war dice on the coat of arms, select the coat of arms and press F (war aids will appear and other players will no longer be able to see the dice). Select your dice and press R. To show everyone the dice roll you will have to select the war aid rectangle and press F (the noble coat of arms will reappear and the dice will be visible to everyone).

To decide the turn order you have to draw tokens from the white bag placed near the SP track (the bag provides the random effect).